MASCO M-Class Air Starters


MASCO is a leading go-to source for OEM and aftermarket air starters, performance parts and other air starter components used on diesel and natural gas engines. Reliably source your repair kits, replacement parts, starter drives and relay valves for Ingersoll Rand, TDI, Caterpillar and Powrquik starters from MASCO. We know the industries we serve very well and are equipped to meet the demand for cost-effective quality performance air starting systems and parts delivered fast.


It began as an idea: “Let’s give our customers a new choice in high-performance air starters.” The idea turned into designs, designs into drawings and drawings into prototypes, until the M-Class models emerged. The M line-up includes three big choices. The MV turbine, the MB turbine and the MSS vane; all with multiple gear, speed, drive-type and torque characteristics.  MASCO M-Class air starter at a glance.

MV T100-UT turbine air starters pack 348 ft lbs. of torque, operate with as little as 2-10 BAR, and the pre-engaged drive ensures safe and reliable cranking power. Balanced nozzles enhance even airflow, and a cleverly engineered robust transmission improves starter life. The powerful dual rotor motor delivers up to 80 hp in a package weighing only 54 lbs.

MB-T100-UT with inertia-drive, delivers dependable cranking power for big engines to 280 liters. The 80 to 100 hp air or gas driven turbine motor is designed for tough crank cycles, and as with all M Models it is available in CW or CCW rotation. Lightweight at only 48 lbs.

Three M SS800-UT models utilize a proven 80 hp vane motor. M SS815 UT is pre-engaged and produces 339nm of torque at 3200 rpms. M SS825 is geared to produce fifteen percent more torque, with twenty percent less air consumption. A straightforward inertia-drive is available in the M SS810.

M-Model V 80hp Air Starter
Even flow turbine nozzles deliver balanced torque distribution.
Robust roller bearing transmission produces smoother performance and longer life.
Anodized turbine rotors and nozzles resist corrosion.

FAQs About MASCO M-Class Starters

Q: What are MASCO New Air Starters used for?
MASCO New Air Starters use compressed air to start diesel engines efficiently in industries like marine, oil and gas, mining, and transportation.
Q: What distinguishes MASCO M-Class starters from others?
They stand out for their robust construction, advanced features, and exceptional performance, which ensure reliable engine startup in challenging environments.
Q: Are MASCO M-Class starters suitable for all engine types?
Yes, they are designed to be compatible with a wide range of engine types and sizes, offering versatility across various industrial applications.
Q: What are the key features of the M T100V starter?
Its high torque output, rugged construction, and durability make it ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring reliable engine startup.
Q: How does the M T100B turbine starter differ from vane starters?
It offers exceptional starting power while maintaining compactness and efficiency, providing reliable performance in diverse applications.
Q: What applications are suitable for the M SS800 starter?
Thanks to its versatility, reliability, and advanced engineering, the M SS800 starter is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
Q: What engine brands are compatible with MASCO M-Class Air Starters?

MASCO M-Class Air Starters are compatible with leading engine brands such as Caterpillar (CAT), Waukesha, Cooper, Cummins, Solar, Yanmar, MTU and more.

Q: Do MASCO M-Class RE-START Air Starters require special installation procedures?

MASCO M-Class Air Starters can be installed following standard procedures for air starter installation. Our team can provide guidance and support as needed.

Q: Does warranty coverage back MASCO M-Class starters?
Yes, MASCO M-Class starters are backed by warranty coverage to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.
Q: Where can I purchase MASCO M-Class starters?
You can buy them directly from us or through our authorized distributors. Contact us for more information on purchasing options.