Q: Who should I call to place an order?
A: Call Jennifer at 972-842-2038. Jennifer will guide you through your order. She’s been helping customers coast to coast for years, so worry not. Give her a call or send her an email at
Q: Can I purchase genuine Ingersoll Rand starters and parts from MASCO?

A: Yes! We are a Platinum IR Distributor, meaning we can offer you more cost savings from our extensive inventory of IR starters and parts.  Ask us about the new IR ST2000 – 70 hp turbine starter.

Q: Can I get a tracking number on my shipment?

A: Call 972-842-2038. Our customer service staff uses UPS Quantum View to track your shipment and give you the latest update.

Q: I’m not sure what starter I have. I can’t read the part number on this starter core. Can you help?

A: Give us a call at 972-842-2038. Take a photo of the starter with your phone and send it to us. We will help you identify the model and ship you the correct starter.

Q: Does MASCO sell OEM starters and parts, or aftermarket?

A: We sell both. MASCO gives you more purchasing choices. Either way you get products that you can depend on, and as always we stand behind everything we sell.

Q: Do you accept credit cards and can I set up an account?

A: We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover. Should you wish to set up an account, please contact us and we will walk you through the process. For our International customers, we also offer the convenience of banking wire transfer.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we ship internationally. Our customer service people will assist you with special freight forwarding, wire transfers and all of the special considerations needed for international shipments.


Q: What is an air starter?

A: Air starters are devices that use the energy stored in compressed gasses to rotate at high speed and torque; and subsequently crank a internal combustion engine. Air starter weight and size to energy delivered is extremely efficient and safe in potentially explosive environments and are therefore preferred over electric motors.

Q: Can I purchase a reman TDI starter that contains only OEM parts?

A: Absolutely!  MASCO OE-Class gives you the option of remanufactured TDI starters like the T112-60031-01R-M using only original OE parts. You can choose re-certified OE or M-Class aftermarket parts.

Q: I need a part, but don't have the part number. Can you help?

A: Give us a call. We’ll send you an air starter components and parts drawing to help identify the correct part. Our experts have 30 plus years of experience and the resources to help.

Q: Will my new starter arrive oriented (clocked) correctly for my engine?

A: All starters are oriented (clocked) to a standard factory configuration.  You can request custom clocking.  Send us a wide angle picture of your starter core and our technicians will clock your new starter before it leaves our factory.  If you need help clocking your starter in the field, give us a call. We can help.

Q: Which make and model should I install on my CAT 3608 gas compression engine?

A: Whether you have a gas compression, drilling rig or marine engine; you generally should install the exact same starter as currently equipped. Different models usually have unique piping configurations. Call us at 972-842-2038 for assistance.

Q: Why do IR SS800 model numbers sometimes contain the letter "U"?

A: “U” in the part number indicates two types of piping configurations are present. Meaning both a center NPT pipe thread and a four bolt flange. The “U” means universal pipe connections.

Q: Do turbine and vane air starters require lubrication?

A: TDI and Ingersoll Rand turbine starters require no air stream lubrication. Vane type air starters and air motors require a 5W or 10W oil. Call us at 972-842-2038 for specifications on your model.


Q: Where are MASCO starters made?

A: Our factory is located outside Dallas, in Ferris, TX.  We design, build and assemble all of our starters in the USA.

Q: How do I contact a MASCO distributor in my area?

A: We will gladly have your local distributor contact you immediately. Give us a call or send an email. We will respond right away.

Q: Does MASCO offer factory repair services?

A: MASCO offers spare parts and factory repair services for all Ingersoll-Rand, TDI and Caterpillar air starter models. Our highly trained technicians will return your starter to original factory specifications.

Q: What model air starter fits an EMD 710 locomotive & marine engines.

A: We offer a REMAN IR ST1060CP03R25 air starter for many EMD 710 engines.  The exact model may vary depending on when your engine was originally equipped.  Call us for details on which air starter is correct for your engine application.

Q: Will MASCO parts fit my OEM starter?

A: Absolutely. MASCO M parts fit smoothly and seamlessly with Ingersoll Rand, TDI and Caterpillar starters.

Q: Does MASCO supply parts or REMAN starters for older discontinued IR models?

A: We maintain a significant inventory of legacy parts and starters for obsolete models like IR SM450, SS660; or TDI 45MA and 52 series.

Q: What is your core return policy?

A: Generally speaking your core must be returned fully intact and having not been opened. Damaged and broken cores will not be accepted. The returned core should be of the same model as exchanged. Be sure to include a copy of the order inside your packaging for proper credit.  Ship to: MASCO, 200 Alvis Ln., Ferris, TX. 75125 Attn: CORE DEPARTMENT.  For more details, please call us at 972-842-2038.